Ishac Bertran

Below is a collection of experiments from 2010 to 2020, from physical objects to games, from technical prototypes to logotypes. They are mostly motivated by the simple reward of exploring, learning and creating something new.

I'm publishing this unfinished work in part for easy reference, but mostly to celebrate the early stages of the creative process, those associated with experimentation and discovery. While there is an unquestionable satisfaction in completing a project - the sense of closure, the thrill of public exposure - I'm far more grateful and rewarded by the moments I spend shaping an idea, tinkering or playing with new materials. This archive is a good representation of those moments.

Thanks to CIID, SFPC and everyone I met during this decade who inspired me, explored with me, and helped me grow.

For experiments that graduated into projects, visit

AI can draw!

Prototype, 2017

A drawing application that completes your doodle with the texture of whatever you tell it to.

The main advantage of this application over traditional image transfer (e.g. pix2pix) is that textures are not limited to a pre-trained set. Instead, it has access to all images on the internet, so you can say things like "red little house" or "big blue house" and it will (kind of) work.

This project was done during a 2-day Hackathon at Microsoft.